Week 13 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Last weeks plan was a pretty big failure:
Monday my dad went back in the hospital and was released on Thursday … thought it was his gallbladder, in the end, ‘suspect underlying heart disease and divirculitis’ … imagine that? 4 days and all those tests and that’s what the verdict is? I could have told them that in the beginning.
Of course, sitting in the ER for 5 hours in freezing cold air conditioning made my nose start running. Oh, wait, Tuesday morning arrived the next wave of this $*!#@ cold. Uggg. At last, a week later, I’m feeling better. I feel like I’ve been sick more than healthy so far this year.
So following the menu last week took a back seat. I think I only ate dinner one night. Not a good plan. Then Hubby started coming down with it Saturday, just when I was starting to think of cooking again. 😦
This week appears to be a pretty laid back week for me though … Hubby is in Detroit Monday to Friday … Princess has a fairly heavy work week, I think, so it will just be me & Kitty … oh and Kitten too. Great. (Anyone want a sweet, adorable white kitten?)
Thinking of hitting Costco mid week as Easter is coming and Hubby wants to make mac & cheese with the Coastal Cheddar … that’s the only place I’ve seen it … IF I go, I will only pick up some lunch meat, milk, half and half, coffee pods, lettuce, cukes, peppers and a few other odds and ends. Nothing to stock up on so to speak … need to get the pantry and freezer cleared out …
So, in my quest to continue using what we have (and hey, being sick at least kept me out of the stores last week! I only bought a loaf of Italian bread and bananas that are both still on the counter) I am planning the following:
Sunday – Sausage and Peppers … sausage was in the freezer and the peppers were picked up last week (as were the shrooms and onions). I bought the bread Sunday but we didn’t use it …
Monday – Chili (last bowl from freezer) … looking to purge the pantry tonight

Tuesday – Thai Inspired Shrimp Salad … Hubby’s gone so time to whip out the mango and avocado recipes! Have a head of cabbage in fridge, shrimp in freezer and a container of mango in fridge (that I need to check, might have to buy new), avocados in fridge too

Wednesday – I’m hoping leftover Thai Shrimp Salad … if not, a salad of sorts (today I take my dad to the psych doctor so not sure how work stuff is going to be). Looking to purge ONE freezer tonight
Thursday – chicken of sorts. I do have tons of chicken thighs in the freezer, you know? Not sure yet what sounds tasty to me but should probably give a new recipe a whirl …
Friday – Hubby back home tonight, so crock pot meal … Salisbury Steaks … off the top of my head, I’m pretty sure I’ve got beef in freezer and the rest of the ingredients I can wing … will pick up the ready mashed taters at store mid week since they are BOGO.

Saturday – Hubbys choice … would really like to go out since it will be over 2 weeks for me, but he’s been traveling and most likely not want to eat out anymore …
What are YOU planning for the week?
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