Meal Plan Monday Week #146 – Whole 30 Using What We Have

And … here we are again, Funday Sunday …

This past week has been hell.  Princess came home from the hospital on Tuesday (yeah!) but had a few follow up appointments throughout the week. Yes, she’s almost 25, but she’s still my daughter so I’m active with her when she needs me 😉

Then Hubby went again for back injections. It’s been a rough few weeks for him, and still, 4 days later, it’s still bothering him bad. I hate to seem him in such discomfort 😦

THEN …. my dad fell in the bathroom early Thursday morning. Nothing like that phonecall from the facility at 4am. Ugh. Originally taken by transport as his shoulder was bothering him. Ended up in ICU for bleeding on the brain and is showing stroke like symptoms. The only good news here is that they moved him out of ICU on Saturday morning and tonight (Sunday) they are moving him to an acute rehabilitation facility. Excellent. If he can’t transfer from his bed to his wheelchair he will not be able to stay at the current assisted living facility he’s at now … so they need to work on getting some mobility back for his arm and leg … AND work with him on his speech a little too.

OH … and then Princess decided to take the plunge and move out. Rather sudden, but yet, it’s something she’s been talking about … moving in with the boyfriend and his parents (??!!!) to help them out. Long story but a short version is simply that they are dealing with medical issues of their own … is this what she needs to be doing? I say no, but, she IS almost 25 and it’s time for her to make her own decisions and choices without my influence 😦

So. With all that, I still managed to stay true with Whole30. Well, as long as you disregard the skipped meals a few days … and then I sort of laughed this morning when I was cleaning out my purse. Found a small apple in there 😉 Better to be prepared than unprepared, right??

A Costco trip was done Saturday afternoon … and a little meal prep today, but nothing like I would have liked (on phone back and forth with the case worker at hospital) but at least this week I will have readily accessible protein.

Here’s what we are looking for Week #3 of going Whole30 (well, ME, anyways)

Sunday – Chicken thighs (freezer) – marinated in some concoction that Hubby threw together. Will serve with some green beans (fridge) and a romaine (Costco) salad on the side with a lemon & avocado oil dressing

Monday – Sausage & Peppers (Costco and produce store) … will serve mine over some chopped cabbage (Costco) and offer others ciabatta rolls (Aldis). Who am I kidding, it’s just Hubby and the Boy now :*-(

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … surprise! The usual Tuesday night drill! Yeah for avocados (Costco) and roma tomatoes!

Wednesday – looking to make a Thai Pork Bowl … will use leftover smoked pork (freezer), chopped cabbage (Costco) and make a dressing. This most likely will not go over very well with the Men, so they may have to turn theirs in to Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Thursday – Shrimp & Avocado Salad (shrimp in freezer) … again, the Men may not like this and if not, they can fend for themselves.  Thankfully, I think we will have some leftovers 😉

Friday – Burgers on the grill … I’ve got beef and turkey in the freezer. will have mine wrapped in lettuce and buns for the others. Sweet potato fries will be offered also 😉

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … may convince him to make a nice steak as we have lots in the freezer still!

What are YOU making this week?

Looking forward to sharing with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday Party … go check it out!

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