Grocery Shops in Review #4

Hey! Did you miss last week’s review??

That’s because I didn’t go to the store again! Well, we were out of town on Thursday Friday and Saturday to MD Anderson and we did spend quite a bit on food eating out but that does not count towards my grocery budget.

The hotel we stay at does have a Krogers within walking distance and we did buy some bottled water along with some sweets for Hubby … oh, and I did buy a few little containers of cut up fruit and a Breakfast Bistro Box … our total was under $20 …

Sunday – February 3, 2019
Aldi – $101.19

I do feel like this shop made up for the past two weeks!

3 pkgs cream cheese $.99 each
OJ $2.35
2 bottles of BBQ sauce $1.99 each
3 bags of Werthers Candy $2.89 (my dad)
2 pkgs taco seasoning mix $.29 each
4 pk TP $2.19
2 boxes of tissues $1.19 each
large container of spring mix $3.49
organic grape tomatoes $2.49
blueberries $1.69
2 lbs sweet onions $1.69
cottage cheese $2.29
sour cream $.99
2 containers shredded parmesan cheese $1.99 each
green onions $.99
2 cucumbers $1.49 each
mayo $2.19
Baguette $1.49
Blue Tortilla Chips $1.89
2 jars organic salsa $1.69 each
radishes $.49
Multigrain chip $1.89
organic oranges $13.99
crackers $1.89
2 pkgs of shortbread cookies $1.09 each
big dipper chips $1.89
2 dozen eggs $1.59 each
Stair Tote $29.99

The stair tote thingy was on our list a few weeks ago but the store didn’t have any … so when I saw them, I grabbed one … they are pretty awesome and I can’t wait to go to the pool/grill area with it (yes, we got it for a bbq transport station so to speak).

A few things were purchased for the super bowl party we were going to (I was hoping to host it but that didn’t work out) … we made Snausages (from freezer) with the BBQ sauce purchased and the Cracked Up Onion Dip … that game was a dud …

The kids come in Friday for the weekend so I’m sure there will be a little more shopping tossed in the mix here but I won’t have time to update so I’ll share that on next week’s review!

How’s your grocery budget holding up this month so far??

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